• Transducers and sensors
            For absolute, relative and differential pressure
            For temperature - RTD, thermocouple, heat-resistant, transmitters
            For level (liquid, solid) - capacitive, ultrasonic, radar, electro-mechanical transmitters    

  • Analyzers
            Emission analyzers
            Analyzers of gas, oil and petroleum products analyzers
            Water quality analyzers
            Humidity analyzers (dew point)
            Density analyzers
            Systems of sampling and conditioning   

  •  Calibrators

        Relative humidity and temperature
            Transducers and probes
            Logging data - fixed, portable, wireless
            Laboratory equipment
            Software and data acquisition and reporting software programs and applications    

  • Debitmetry - process industry, food, farm, chemical, water, domestic and other water
            Ultrasonic flowmeters
            Mass flowmeters (coriolis)
            Electromagnetic flowmeters
            Open channel flowmeters


  • F & G Detection Systems
            Detection stations
            Gas detectors - fixed and portable
            Flame detectors
            Smoke detectors
            Alarm manual buttons, audible and visual warning equipment    

  • Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres
            Junction Boxes
            Fittings for armed or unarmed cables, fittings, nipples
            Prize, chips
            Lighting objects
            Buttons, command keys  

  •   Pump over accesories
            Hoses made of composite or rubber
            Hot couplings
            Load arms    

  • Equipment for fuel tanks, including complete flow measurement systems for gasoline, diesel, LPG   

  • Vapor recovery units   

  • Floating caps